Trusted Credentials White Paper

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First Line of Defense against Hackers: Secure, Trusted Identity
Credentials under a Federation Trust Framework

In the wake of seemingly daily news articles about the theft of personal identity, financial, and proprietary
information, many businesses, including those in the financial sector are considering how to approach the problem of securing information in the cyber world. Solving the problem will take a multi-pronged approach, but managing who can gain access to information and having a way to quickly cut off the flow of information when circumstances change is a key element in the solution. Federated trust frameworks have been used successfully to increase security by managing identity vetting and access through a common technical baseline and a set of policy and governance rules.

TSCP provides a governance trust framework and identity federation services, which started with the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) community, but now also to other members who seek to issue or accept secure credentials for their applications. TSCP represents hundreds of thousands of end users who conduct business transactions with their employee credentials. TSCP is currently conducting a pilot to test extending the use these secure credentials into the commercial marketplace.

The TSCP Trust Framework has been used successfully to secure and manage access to information. The infrastructure that has resulted from the major A&D community investment can be leveraged to secure and manage information across multiple market sectors. By engaging other service providers with a wide-range of technology solutions, TSCP is expanding its Trust Framework to provide flexibility to its members to effectively manage risk and cost. TSCP maintains trust anchors to, and interoperates with, the Federal government  (civilian) and the Department of Defense (DoD) as vital business partners. As a federation whose members value secure access, TSCP is in the process of establishing a trust... Read More...