Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program
Collaborate on shared IT security issues. Save time and money.

Membership Benefits

TSCP defines and tests vendor-agnostic specifications for collaboration in mission-critical environments. These specifications enable:

  • Interpersonal Communications — email, instant messaging, and conferencing
  • Group Collaborative Working — document sharing and access to applications
  • Automated Data Exchange — product life-cycle and supply chain management

Benefits of Membership

Adopting and implementing TSCP specifications can:

  • Reduce IT costs by standardizing to common interfaces and processes
  • Facilitate compliance with export control
  • Protect company or organization’s IP and employee privacy data
  • Meet and comply with government’s emerging requirements for identity assurance
  • Facilitate collaboration on major government programs
  • Reduce training costs by eliminating need for users to be trained on unique rules pertaining to each bi-lateral relationship
  • Interoperate and reuse solutions by employing a standardized approach
  • Use standards-based COTS tools minimizing the need for customized development
  • Leverage investments in internal digital identities and extend their functionality outside of their respective enterprises
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