Award Description:
The Secure Information Sharing Environment (SISE) Pilot is testing the sharing of sensitive operational information between lifeline private sectors (food/fuel/electric) with participating States initially utilizing a trusted  process that validates user identity.  The trusted process involves issuing high level of identity assurance credentials coupled with access management technology. This ensures that ONLY trusted individuals can access sensitive information.  The SISE Pilot is flexible so each provider of sensitive informal ion can set up access rules specific to their sensitive information i.e. it can be personalized to meet the access needs of each data provider.  Used working groups with the representatives from Utilities, State, and Local Gov’ts to create:
  • A Regional Data Sharing Agreement which enables data providers and data consumers to quickly and easily become part of the environment having one agreement signed by many, versus many agreements signed by one.
  • An Access Rules Framework which documents the rules, labels, and attributes needed to provide robust access control
  • A TSCP built and configured SISE
  • A Pilot to demonstrate and test it’s operation.  The 4/1/15 Pilot consisted of 40 reps from Utilities and State and Local Govt. bringing both high and low level of assurance credential, PIV -I cards and userid/password, to access ONLY the sensitive information they are authorized to see