First Line of Defense against Hackers: Secure, Trusted Identity Credentials under a Federation Trust Framework

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Trusted Credentials

Establishing a Key Cornerstone for Cyber Security to Achieve Trust. In the wake of seemingly daily news articles about the theft of personal identity, financial, and proprietary information, many businesses today are searching for an affordable solution to the problem of securing information in the cyber world. Solving the problem takes a multi-pronged approach. TSCP’s Federated Trust Framework has been used successfully to increase security by managing identity vetting and access through a common technical baseline, a set of policy and governance rules, and one agreement flexible enough to address any need.

What is the Problem?
Organizations must be able to trust identities – not only to validate users’ identities, but also their suitability and
authorization for access to applications and data – in order to operate in a trustworthy environment. Today each organization has its own security policies governing data access. While all of these security policies are valid, in the current environment, interoperability is hampered by various security practices invoking different
Levels of Assurance and standards. This lack of a common standard and a single agreement is precluding
businesses from making good trust decisions. Hence, there is no accepted common trustworthy environment for
business commerce.

What is the TSCP Solution...