Match no Match Service
Award Description:

Leveraging TSCP’s Identity and Access Management history in using A&D real world use cases to create specifications, and trust frameworks as a reference baseline, TSCP is:

  • Investigating existing match/no match remote identity proofing services
  • Developing generic business and technical guidance documentation to implementation a match no match service across a representative set of use cases
  • Developing a match/ no match reference service

Match-No-Match Identity Validation Service

Identity validation is the confirmation of the accuracy of an identity as established by an authoritative source. The TSCP Match / No Match service provides an open, standards compliant mechanism for implementing this capability.

An example DEMO_Match-No-Match Service embedded in a real world TSCP Member’s proofing and vetting workflow…

Here is how it works…

The service is invoked when an individual accesses a digital service. The individual is routed to the match no match service and is prompted to enter attributes that are unique to the individual. The Attribute exchange securely packages the attributes and sends them to the authoritative source or match provider for a match no match determination. Many match providers may be used. The attribute exchange then aggregates the match returns into a match or no match for the digital service, allowing an access decision to be made.

The service, to be successful, also needs agreements between the various parties, a business model, and standard data formats. This set of framework elements combined with the physical elements makeup a Match No Match service.